« Bespoke Saint Tropez » has been built around a single philosophy: 
« Service is not a job. It’s a commitment, a second nature ».

“Bespoke Saint Tropez” has been built around a single philosophy: “Service is not a job. It’s a commitment, a second nature”.
One fine day in Saint-Tropez, this unchanging principle, shared with others, gave rise to the amazing adventure pioneered by Anne-Claire Conraud.

Working with her teams and loyal partners, her aim is to play the role of an orchestra leader, in order to fulfil your simplest wish or most demanding request – in other words, to free you from unwanted pressures and leave you with nothing but the best - pleasure.

So that no false note mars the enjoyment of your holiday, the symphony must be conducted by an attentive and professional team, ensuring that each project is carefully carried out down to its finest detail, thus satisfying all your needs.

Anne-Claire offers you the opportunity to take advantage of her long experience, spanning over thirty years in the premium and luxury service industries. Her career has enabled her to gain expert knowledge of all aspects of the service industry. Through travel and the many people she has met, she has acquired a sound understanding of human relations in general, together with luxury and the notion of service in particular.

In 1989, she worked for the French Consular Agency in Ibiza, alongside the Consular Officer, where she was able to promote values such as confidentiality, reliability, diplomacy and protocols, and sharpen her appetite for learning and discovery, while at the same time constantly striving for perfection in carrying out the services assigned to her.

She was also able to manage high-risk and critical situations, giving her outstanding experience in this field, which we can safely say is second to none.

She subsequently founded the « Villas Prestige & Services » agency in Saint-Tropez; the agency is open all year round and offers its many partners and clients the opportunity to share the experience of tailor-made service and travel. Already, then, she was offering a different style of holiday – a perfect blend between the rental of exclusive properties, top-quality service and her own professional expertise backed up by highly skilled partners.
Anne-Claire is eclectic. Her proven taste for beautiful objects also led her to open her own art gallery, right in the centre of Saint-Tropez. This means she has been able to share her many fascinating curios and artefacts with clients from all over the world.

How might we describe Anne-Claire? Well, her oyster is the world in general and Saint-Tropez in particular; her limits are your imagination.

After so many experiences, journeys and rich encounters over more than three decades, it couldn’t stop there. She had to give shape to this wonderful idea; to gather all our forces, energy and talents in order to offer you the very best in private Conciergerie in Saint-Tropez. This was how Bespoke Saint-Tropez was born.

You will now understand how « Bespoke Saint-Tropez » was formed, directly drawing on its founder’s experience and the network of associates she has created. And all this is at your service.

« Bespoke Saint-Tropez » is available at all times, ready to fulfil your desires and offer you daily assistance. All our partners are hand-picked according to strict criteria and must meet stringent requirements; we also regularly promote their services to let you discover new possibilities in a variety of areas (rental, transport, material support, reservations, culture, wellbeing, and so on).

« Bespoke Saint-Tropez » means, above all, consummate professionalism, underpinned by essential values: discretion, confidentiality, reliability and personalised service – or, quite simply, authentic French excellence.

In a nutshell, « Bespoke Saint-Tropez » embodies French distinction, sophistication and elegance.

Service cannot be explained, it must be experienced.
Welcome home, welcome to « Bespoke Saint-Tropez ».


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