The sun turns, The sunflower turns,
The sun sets, the Goddess of the Sun closes !

Flowers for your arrival
Flower-arranging classes
Discovering floral scents
Making perfumes
A stroll through fields of roses
Visits to famous gardens
and much more…

What a stroke of luck! In such a small area, the passion for Flower Power thrives ! 
Major enthusiasts, all professional, are present here,
Aren’t we fortunate !!
Let’s explore this diversity together, 
From the elegance of a thoughtfully designed bouquet
To the glamour of a bunch of almost-wild flowers,
Without forgetting the shower of petals in the rose garden,
Or an arrangement of aromatic plants.
Contemplating flowers and understanding them also means
Taking time, on holiday in Saint-Tropez,
To attend a floral art class,
Visit the famous gardens of the French Riviera,
Stroll through the fields of roses and other flowers in Saint-Tropez,
Create your own secret perfume !
Celebrate a dinner, birthday or other event, surrounded by bouquets of flowers. 
The power of flowers is unlimited, and the occasions plentiful…
Let us look after your special occasion and we will guide you,
Together we will compose the “Dance of the Flowers”.
Just ask.

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